Poets’ train 2108

Treno dei Poeti 2018

Step 1
Conference-Concerts in theaters along the
Sacile Gemona railway and cities nearby.

Step 2
Multiartistic events at Budoja-Polcenigo Slow station when historical train stops.
Association activities will be there everyday.

Step 3

Multiartistic events at local producer’s farms, wine propducers’, farmhouses along the railway and connected alpine valleys.

Step 4
Events in Carnia, Tarvisio area and over the borders, along the European cycloturistic routes. Also along the coast, from Venice to Trieste, at 1 hour train ride from us.

Collective slow vacation – “World music festival”
this travelling experience this yaear can take advantage of train service reactivation.
This travelling event has local Communities patronage and a camping area is available for travellers joining the event.

Booking service available for local B&B, hotel facilities.

2018 theme is “War sites in west Friuli”. 100 years ago Caporetto battle took place. An opportunity for reflection.